Fundada em 2009, com o nome de ACM - Assessoria e Consultoria Municipal, e agora como INFRA SOLUTION, com o intuito de auxiliar o setor público e/ou privado em suas atividades-meio, ou seja, fazendo com que as entidades dos setores possam focar sua atenção às atividades finalísticas, como por exemplo, saúde, educação, infraestrutura urbana, qualidade de vida etc.

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About Us
Beautiful designs, clever architecture 
Beautiful designs, clever architecture 
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"Excepteur pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, including projects in the sport, leisure, retail, residential and commercial sectors. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  We see diversity as our strength, and this has ensured that we've been a practice of choice for more than 10 years. Our team has a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the complexity of the construction process, there should be no mystery to the client.  We aim to make our designs as clear and easy to understand as possible."